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Metal Powders


For the past 20 years PSI Ltd has utilised its own atomization technology to provide clients with a Powder Production Service. Those clients wanting to develop metal powder technology and applications are able to commission PSI to manufacture their specific alloy compositions to order. PSI are responsive to clients’ requirements for trial batch or R&D quantities manufactured within short delivery times. PSI use close-coupled inert gas atomizers with vacuum, inert gas melt chambers for the production of low oxygen, ultrafine spherical powders. We have the expertise to develop novel alloy compositions and manipulate the atomisation process for specific particle sizes and distribution.For powders sensitive to exposure to air or moisture, inert gas glove box facilities are available. Particle size analyses are performed if required and the powders sieved according to clients’ requirements. Novel powder development research can be conducted on clients’ behalf as are feasibility studies for scale-up projects. Naturally, we welcome the opportunity to meet our clients and discuss their powder needs, both immediate and longer term, in an atmosphere of confidentiality and common purpose.

PSI has the capability to produce a wide range of powders, here are some examples:-

Magnetic applications
Aluminium Bronze
Marine propellers
Aluminium Lithium
High strength structural based on 2000 series
Aluminium Silicon Magnesium
Temperature-stable structural alloys
Aluminium Tin Copper
Automotive plain bearings
Aluminium-Transition Lanthanides 
High hot strength structural alloys
Bismuth Telluride
Peltier effect devices
Chromium Aluminium Yttrium
High performance coatings
Chromium Iron Carbon Silicon
Thermal spray powders
Cobalt Chromium Transition metals
Dental alloys
Copper Barium
Superconductor precursor powders
Copper Chromium Zirconium
Beryllium free electrical conductors
Copper Indium Gallium Selenide (CIGS)
Photovoltaic materials
Copper Manganese Nickel
Metal bonded cutting tools
Copper Titanium Tin
Metal bonded cutting tools
Copper Yttrium
Superconductor precursor powders
Gold Platinum Palladium Silver Indium
Brazing alloys
Gold Silver Copper
Thick film coatings/MIM jewellery
Iron 14% Chromium 0.4% Carbon
Tooling with low refractory inclusions
Iron Manganese
Wear resistant rims for rolling stock
Iron Neodymium Boron
Iron 6% Silicon
Transformer cores (low-loss)
Iron Silicon Aluminium
Magnetic components
Magnesium alloys
QE25, AZ91 alloys for metal matrix alloys
Nickel aluminides
Structural components and coatings
Nickel Cerium
Nickel Chromium Iron Silicon Boron
Plasma spray powders
Nickel Chromium Molybdenum Boron
Corrosion resistant coatings
Nickel Lanthanides
Fuel cells/hydrogen storage/batteries
Nickel Titanium Silicon Boron
Novel brazing powders
Silver Cadmium Zinc Copper
Brazing alloy
Silver Copper(72/28)
Brazing pastes
Stainless Steels 304/316
Metal injection moulding (MIM)
T42 Steel
Tooling applications
Terbium Iron
Optico-electronic devices
Tin Bismuth
Thick film solder coatings
Tin Lead Silver/Bismuth
Surface Mount Technology
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