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 A technology Institute in Brazil place an order with PSI for a Strip Casting System – 13/03/2017 Minimize

A Brazilian Institute purchase a Single Roll Strip Caster System from PSI’s product range of metal solidification systems as an upgrade to their existing HERMIGA atomiser.

This machine produces Fe-Nd-B strip with carefully controlled solidification rate to produce optimal magnetic properties in high energy permanent magnets. 

 PSI secures order from the leading Indian government metals research laboratory - 04/04/2017 Minimize

The research laboratory selected PSI for the technical capabilities of their high performance close coupled vacuum inert gas atomiser – Model: HERMIGA 100/10 V2I.

This particular model is proving the workhorse for researchers wishing to make quantities of high temperature alloys for Additive Manufacturing applications.  It is the third such machine to be delivered to India. 

 A major British powder supplier has awarded a contract to PSI for a production atomisation System – 29/11/2016 Minimize

Phoenix Scientific Industries have been awarded a contract for the supply of a large (500kg furnace) production scale vacuum Inert gas atomisation system Model: HERMIGA 120/500 V3I.

Equipped with the very latest features for the production of high quality superalloy powders this atomiser can be retrofitted with an alternately-pouring, second 500 kg furnace to allow 1 tonne batches of aerospace-grade AM powders to be produced. 

 Brazilian University invest in a ‘mini’ R&D scale HERMIGA 75/5VI atomiser – 12/09/2016 Minimize

Research scale atomiser supplied to Brazil for atomisation of various different metals and metal alloys
 Leading Korean materials supplier purchase research scale atomiser for reactive metals – 03/09/2016 Minimize

Korean Institute invest in a HERMIGA 75/2 CC gas atomiser
 PSI secures order to supply a HERMIGA 120/250 V2I to Russia – 25/07/2016 Minimize

Russian metal powder company purchase PSI production gas atomiser
 PSI wins contract to supply HERMIGA Model 75/15 VI EAC to South America – 22/09/2015 Minimize

Leading Argentinian University purchase PSI system for high temperature aluminium alloy powder research
 Leading manufacturer in US invests in HERMIGA 120/250 V2I– 15/04/2015 Minimize

Pioneer and leading manufacturer of photovoltaic solar panels invest in PSI production system, HERMIGA 120/250 V2I
 PSI commences collaborative research to create additive material for aerospace – 19/03/2015 Minimize

PSI is a key partner in a 3 year, £ 3.1m, collaborative research programme to develop titanium powder specifically formulated and blended to meet the needs of additive manufacturing (AM) of aerospace components.

The programme, called TiPOW (Titanium Powder for net-shape component manufacture) involves developing the techniques and equipment that will produce the powder consistently, in quantity and at a lower price than currently available in the material supply chain.

The TiPOW programme is backed by the UK's Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI) and the countries innovation agency, Innovate UK. Consortium partners include UK companies GKN Aerospace, Metalysis, and the University of Leeds. As programme leader, GKN's Aerospace business will also draw on the expertise of the GKN Powder Metallurgy division a world-leading supplier of metal powders and precision engineered components.

Today additive manufacturing uses alloys and powders that have not been specifically developed for these processes and so they are not optimised for this environment. These powders will be produced using PSI designed “cold crucible” technology. In addition PSI continuous casting facility will be used to produce specific titanium alloy compositions that are not readily available. The resultant ingots will then be remelted and atomised into spherical powders.

The partners will investigate developing titanium alloys and powders with the characteristics optimised for AM. The production methods that will produce AM-designed materials will be defined to ensure cost is minimised whilst production quality, quantity and consistency all meet the rigorous standards required by aerospace. The TiPOW programme will also explore effective re-use and recycling of titanium material together with a study of potential applications for the recycled material.

Russ Dunn, Senior Vice President Engineering & Technology at GKN Aerospace explains: “To date research into AM has focused largely on evolving the processes we will require to enter full scale production but if these processes are to make a significant breakthrough, the quality, repeatability and cost of the material we use will be critical. Working with industrial and academic partners in the TiPOW programme and leveraging expertise from across GKN, we will begin the process of addressing this issue.” Russ Dunn concludes: “We believe AM has the potential to revolutionise the design and manufacture of aircraft, unlocking innovations in low drag, high-performance wing designs and lighter, even more efficient engine systems that will dramatically improve airframe performance and reduce noxious emissions and noise.

Gary Elliott, CEO of the UK's Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI) adds: “The UK is already a world leader in aerospace technology and the Aerospace Technology Institute is delighted to be investing in this highly creative project. TIPOW will give us a better understanding and insight into improving airplane performance and will undoubtedly deliver more technological advances to the industry. This programme highlights the capabilities of the UK aerospace, promotes healthy competition and will lay the groundwork for even more innovation.”

 PSI develops low cost silver alloy powders for solar cells - 26/06/14 Minimize

PSI has been chosen to manufacture silver alloy powder compositions in a recently funded Innovate UK (TSB) project - HiLoSilver.

Partners include Johnson Matthey, the University of Sheffield and Solar Capture Technologies. The aim is to investigate the prospect of commercialising silver alloys as 'cost-effective and low silver' alternatives to front-side pure silver paste in solar cells thereby achieving a significant reduction in cost per Watt.

Silver is currently used for front contact grid formation due to its low resistivity, excellent oxidation resistance and good solderability. Low resistance electrical contacts between the solar cell emitter and the bulk silver are realised in a single process, using glass frits with unique flow properties that enable the formation of silver crystallites on the silicon interface. With the silver price having gone up by ~500% in the past 10 years and expected to increase further due to industrial and investment demand , there is an urgent need to develop pastes that contain less silver to drive down the cost, thereby accelerating the commercialisation of solar cells and reducing the cost per Watt. IRTPV also suggests reducing silver consumption is mandatory as a first step towards reducing costs. To date this has mostly been achieved by more efficient printing architecture thereby reducing the silver paste consumption. Even though the front-side silver paste constitutes up to 40% of the cost of the solar cells, the crucial properties of easy to manufacture, contact resistance, series conductivity, oxidation resistance and ease of soldering have all led to screen printed silver pastes maintaining their position as the preferred technology.

The specific targets for the consortium are:

i. Identify promising silver alloys by way of modelling and literature search and fabricate them
ii. Process the alloys into fine powders
iii. Formulate as a paste suitable for screen printing with compatible glass frit
iv. Screen the paste on silicon cells
v. Test the promising formulations in PV modules.

This will ensure a thorough investigation within the project timeframe (2 years), rapid commercialisation of the desired product and provide excellent business opportunities to the members of the consortium.

 PSI supplies a ‘mini’ R&D-scale HERMIGA 75/3VI to institute in Russia – 14/06/2014 Minimize

An advanced power and energy research company in Russia purchase ‘mini’ R&D-scale Gas Atomiser to produce corrosion-resistant solders
 PSI secures order to supply a HERMIGA 100/10 V2I MM to the United States – 10/03/2014 Minimize

A world leader in the production of atomised steel and iron powders in the United States invests in a PSI Multimelt Atomisation and Casting System including a PSI Glovebox Classifier
 Bill Hopkins (our M.D.) visits China as part of The Prime Minister's UK trade delegation - 01-04/12/2013 Minimize

Bill Hopkins (our M.D.) was honoured to be invited to join the largest UK trade delegation ever to visit China, led by The Prime Minister.
PM's Trade Delegation

The delegation was composed of 150 business leaders from sectors of UK businesses thought to be of most interest to Chinese businesses.

PSI, being involved in high-tech metals and materials fell into the Advanced Manufacturing category but the Energy, Healthcare and Education sectors were equally well represented.

Companies ranged from large to small, with the chairmen of large multinationals travelling and working with the bosses of more modest SME’s exchanging views on their products as diverse as passenger airliners to software tailored for dyslexic users. The Prime Ministers team included several Ministers to represent each sector. Familiar faces such as Ron Dennis of McClaren and Karren Brady of West Ham were present. What everyone shared was a track record of, or positive attitude towards, exporting.

Working in Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu over the three days and travelling by night there was little pause for rest in a series of events and seminars with Chinese counterparts. However there was a moment of light relief, during the lunch at the Shanghai Conference Centre, when people were asked to remain seated. Warhorse from the award-winning stage production galloped in. Rearing and snorting around the tables to the incredulity and absolute amazement of our Chinese guests, this was another great British product. It has been exported to destinations as far away as Australia.

 PSI supplies a ‘mini’ R&D-scale HERMIGA 75/5VI atomiser to the United States – 16/07/2013 Minimize

PSI supplies a ‘mini’ R&D-scale HERMIGA 75/5VI atomiser to an advanced electrical energy storage systems in the United States
 A worldwide welding consumables producer chooses PSI atomiser - 17/06/2013 Minimize

A worldwide welding consumables producer chooses PSI atomiser over competitors for their production plant in Canada
 A major Korean electronics firm invest in PSI technology - 21/06/2013 Minimize

A major Korean electronics firm invest in PSI technology to support advanced materials research for solar panels
 World leading research institute in the United States supplied with Wirecaster - 30/04/2013 Minimize

World leading research institute in the United States supplied with advanced wirecasting system to support development of shape memory alloys
 PSI supply Glovebox/Classifer to Russia - 22/04/2013 Minimize

PSI supply Glovebox/Classifer to Russian Institute of structural materials
 Major European materials supplier invests in melt spinner – 25/03/2013 Minimize

Major European materials supplier invests in high technology advanced melt spinning system
 Leading Korean metallurgy institute purchase PSI atomiser – 08/02/2012 Minimize

Leading Korean metallurgy institute upscale with their second PSI atomiser
 Chinese Institute invest in production scale HERMIGA Model 120/25CC – 27/01/2012 Minimize

Key Chinese national research institute uses PSI technology for titanium alloy powder development
 PSI supply a HERMIGA 75/3VI to Hong Kong - 12/09/2011 Minimize

PSI supply a HERMIGA 75/3VI to Hong Kong for atomisation of precious metals for ALM fabrication of exotic jewellery
 Indian research centre purchase a HERMIGA 100/10VI - 01/08/2010 Minimize

Indian research centre for powder metallurgy purchase a HERMIGA 100/10VI Gas Atomiser
 Italian company buy PSI atomiser - 18/09/2010 Minimize

Italian company buy PSI atomiser for producing master alloys for gold and silver used for jewellery production
 PSI supplies a ‘mini’ R&D-scale atomiser to European Aerospace Research Centre - 05/04/2010 Minimize

PSI supplies a ‘mini’ R&D-scale HERMIGA 75/5VI atomiser to European Aerospace Research Centre for Peltier-effect materials for low grade heat recovery
 PSI Introduce New Laboratory Scale Melt Spinner - 09/03/2010 Minimize

PSI have recently announced the introduction of a melt spinner specifically developed to address the need for laboratory and research scale production of rapidly cooled metal foils and strips.
It is supplied as a stand alone unit with specifications designed to meet a wide range of requirements;
• 100g melt crucible capacity
• Different melt crucible material options for wide range of applications
• Adjustable nozzle position, as standard, to give control over height and angle of impingement
• A range of slit widths available
• Advanced wheel design with excellent thermal diffusivity and low wear characteristics
• High precision bearing assembly and dynamic balancing designed to minimise wheel run out thus maintaining nozzle to wheel gap
• Adjustable stripping mechanism to release product at different positions
• Optional pumping mechanisms to offer higher vacuum capabilities
For detailed information please contact PSI at

 Structural Nano Materials Research At Leading Russian Institute - 18/09/2009 Minimize

The Russian Federation’s Central Research Institute of Structural Materials - CRISM “Promety” (www.crism-promety.ruu) has selected PSI Ltd to supply an advanced design HERMIGA Gas Atomiser for the production of high grade Titanium metal powders.

During its 70 year history, CRISM “Promety” has risen to national eminence as the centre of excellence for advanced materials research in Russia, employing over 1,500 scientific personnel on a range of metallurgical projects spanning the oil exploration, transportation, medical and aerospace industries.

PSI’s HERMIGA design innovation, capacity flexibility, powder quality and economy of operation clearly established PSI Ltd as the leading systems design from a global analysis of suppliers, re-affirming the international reputation of PSI’s HERMIGA range of Metal Powder Atomisers.

 Advanced Metallurgical Research at German Aerospace Centre - 18/09/2009 Minimize

PSI Ltd as been selected as the partner for the supply and maintenance of a HERMIGA 75 Gas Atomiser to the German Aerospace Centre - Duetsches Zentrum fur Luft- und Raumfahrt: DLR (

The HERMIGA 75 gas Atomisers will be used for the research and production of advanced composition alloy materials for use in a wide spectrum of space exploration, new generation aerospace design, and environmental protection projects.

DLR’s research portfolio ranges from fundamental research to innovative development of the applications and products of tomorrow and PSI is delighted to have exceeded all partner and technology standards in the selection of a Gas Atomiser system for such a prestigious organisation.

 Sheffield University Maintaining The Edge In Metallurgy - 18/05/2009 Minimize

The University of Sheffield UK has accepted delivery of PSI Ltd’s latest design in Arc Melting Systems, integrating PSI’s latest ceramic-free clean melting water cooled copper crucibles and multi-angle casting rapid solidification technologies.

This advanced, PSI designed and manufactured, system is to be used for the preparation of novel composition Refractory Alloys and Bulk Metallic Glasses derived from highly reactive and/or high melting point metals (e.g. Titanium, Zirconium, Niobium), which are becoming increasing critical to the new material demands from global automotive and aerospace sectors.

The advanced PSI Ltd Arc Melting design allows both processional and vertical movement of an electric arc across metals situated in a ceramic free copper crucible. Once the desired melt temperature has been achieved, the metal / alloy can be solidified in several different ways giving outstanding flexibility to casting options.

 CIGS Powder Production For The Solar Energy Market - 04/03/2009 Minimize

With the increasingly urgent global focus on bringing affordable solar electricity to the mass market, PSI has developed a new method for the production of photovoltaic materials in ultra-fine powder forms – (CIGS), that are critical in the research and production modelling techniques of new solar thin-film technologies.

In the drive to develop the market leading photovoltaic cell technology, the use of different amalgams of Copper Indium Gallium Selenide – or CIGS – to increase the proportion of the solar energy spectrum captured by a solar cell has become a key factor in driving up the efficiency of solar energy systems.

A direct development from PSI’s ground breaking work in a related renewable energy sector – the mass production of low cost, premium grade Titanium powder - PSI are now able to provide the solar energy sector with the means to rapidly produce - in both research and production volumes - CIGS powders from their own ‘in-house’ facility, allowing CIGS composition experimentation, rapid prototype trailing and mass production scaling models in the commercial security of their own laboratories.

 Driving Technology In Russia - 24/02/2009 Minimize

Phoenix Scientific Industries Ltd – (PSI) celebrates the start of its 2009 expansion programme with the award of a major contract to supply a hot gas atomiser and positive pressure powder classifier to one of Russia’s leading transportation research and development organisations.

Advances in materials for the next generation of fuel efficient transportation designs requires a radically new approach that incorporates lightweight metals and alloys with fibre composite materials, using metal components produced using Powder Injection Moulding (PIM) techniques.

PSI Ltd is delighted to announce that it has been selected to provide one of its market leading HERMIGA© Gas Atomisers to a leading Russian Federation Research Institute to facilitate the development of new transportation designs and consequent production techniques.

The PSI Atomiser hot gas technology preheats the gas used to atomise molten metal causing a dramatic reduction in median size. The associated gas exit velocities, in the latest HERMIGA close-coupled supersonic gas nozzle, increase substantially as the temperature in the atomisation die increases translating into higher kinetic energies available to disrupt the melt more effectively into a finer distribution of droplets - resulting in finer powder.

The advanced design of the HERMIGA nozzle enables the delivery of a high temperature/pressure gas precisely and reproducibly to the melt stream whilst safely withstanding the rapid, cyclic temperature rises during and between atomisation runs.

 Low Cost, Top Quality, Titanium Powder - 07/08/2008 Minimize

PSI has been awarded a £1 million grant from the U.K’s Technology Strategy (TSB) Board to develop ground breaking technology for the mass production of spherical, low oxygen, ceramic-free titanium powder at a fraction of current costs.

The grant provides match funding for a 3 year, £2 million programme undertaken in partnership with the University of Greenwich and Cambridge Quality Technology Ltd. As part of the UK Government’s drive to lower weight in transportation applications and cut exhaust emissions (see, the Lightweight Materials and Structures Competition encouraged applicants who could demonstrate a significant advance in the relevant technology.

In this case, the ultimate objective is to remove cost and quality barriers, promoting the wider use of titanium in powder metallurgy (PM) components and extend its use, not just in the traditional aerospace and medical sectors, but to mass production applications in automotive and general engineering. Driven by the contrasting demands of a rapid expansion in aircraft construction and the parallel need to reduce global emissions, the demand for lightweight and strong structures, such as are provided by titanium, has never been higher.

The global market is responding by significantly increasing capacity in primary titanium extraction and simultaneously developing new methods to replace the outdated, expensive Kroll method, with lower cost processes e.g. MER-Dupont, Armstrong and Fray. This, coupled with the further lowering of cost to convert primary titanium to spherical powder by the new PSI process, will enable the titanium PM sector to rapidly expand.

The potential for this sector has been identified for many years, research is complete, and prototypes have been successfully tested (photograph available) e.g. the engine thrust link for the new Boeing 787 ‘Dreamliner’ supplied by GKN Aerospace. All that is required to release many new engineering applications is for titanium powder costs to fall. Powder Metallurgy, as the most rapidly growing metal forming technology, is expected to feature heavily in the expanded usage.

Over twenty years, PSI has progressively developed gas atomisation as a means of producing fine, pure and spherical, metal powders. More recently it has concentrated on improving yields and lowering costs of the valuable fine fractions of atomised powders. To this end it has introduced “hot gas” atomisation to the market, constructed atomisers for continuous rather than batch production and fitted gas recycling, all with the objective of lowering unit production cost.

Titanium poses a special challenge in that during the melting and feeding stage, as part of the atomising process, the liquid metal must not contact ceramic refractory at any stage; otherwise it will be contaminated by oxygen and ceramic inclusions rendering it unusable for many advanced aerospace applications.

“Cold Wall” melting and feeding techniques must be used throughout and this approach will be adopted in the programme enabling high quality, low cost aerospace grade powders to be made. To achieve low cost, production will be continuous and at a high throughput rate for similar reasons to those which led continuous casting to replace ingot casting in steel production. PSI’s developments in cold wall melting techniques now make this possible for titanium.

Although the inspiration for the programme was low-cost CP and Ti 6/4 grades, the technology will apply equally to more complex titanium alloys and the clean melting techniques will be of interest to users of superalloy powders, nickel-titanium shape memory alloys and indeed any metal powders that are required to be ceramic inclusion-free.

To ensure rapid integration of the new technology into industrial production, the TSB require competition winners to identify exploitation routes at the outset. PSI therefore welcomes approaches by parties looking to acquire an early interest in the new technology.

 Japanese company invests in gas atomisation technology – 19/03/2008 Minimize

Japanese company invests in gas atomisation technology with a lab-scale atomiser for development in high purity grade aluminium
 Production-scale Atomiser for new Spanish Powder Producer - 18/02/2007 Maximize

 Another ‘mini’ Atomiser for top Spanish R&D Institute - 15/03/2007 Maximize

 Novel Nanostructures in Nottingham University’s New Nanotechnology Centre - 15/04/2007 Maximize

 Top European Materials Research Organisation in a spin over PSI’s latest equipment - 05/12/2006 Maximize

 PSI’s Hot Gas Atomisation technology excites top European Powder Manufacturer - 05/12/2006 Maximize

 Continuous Atomiser for Production of Lightweight Metal Powders - 2006 Maximize

 Top Vietnamese University chooses PSI R&D Atomiser - 16/05/2005 Maximize

 Leading Aerospace Research Organisation receives latest Titanium Atomiser Technology - 07/12/04 Maximize

 PSI System Advances Cranfield's Gas Turbine Coating Research - 06/10/04 Maximize

 PSI Wins Order from Indian Government Organisation for Furnace System - 16/04/04 Maximize

 PSI Secures Wire Casting System Order from leading Indian Research Laboratory - 31/03/04 Maximize

 Cost effective metal powder manufacture - 18/02/04 Maximize

 PSI wins clean atomiser contract for Beijing aerospace institute - 18/02/04 Maximize

 Phoenix Scientific Industries welcomes new partners to its Representative Network - 21/10/02 Maximize

 Top Egyptian Metallurgical Institute chooses PSI Atomiser - 05/07/02 Maximize

 PSI concludes an agreement with Central South University of Technology in Hunan Province, China - 15/01/02 Maximize

 PSI Receive further support from DTI - 30/01/00 Maximize

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